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One Guy's Take On The Different Brands of Adderall

My name is Rich and I am diagnosed with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). I have been taking Adderall for years now so I wanted to share my Adderall experiences with people who are considering taking Adderall. For those who don't know, Adderall is a medication that helps people like me focus and concentrate.

First off, no two Adderall brands are alike; they have different strengths and weaknesses. Each brand uses different fillers in their Adderall and this effects the quality of the active ingredient in various ways. Below are my reviews on the different brands of generic Adderall.

I am 5"9' at 160 lbs and take Adderall regularly everyday for work.

Barr Vs Corepharma Vs Sandoz


Barr Adderall Review

My favorite Adderall for getting stuff done pronto.


Corepharma Adderall Review

My least favorite brand of generic adderall.


Sandoz Adderall Review

An Adderall that gives you a sense of well being.

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