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Barr Adderall Review

This is the Adderall brand that I have the most experience with. For me, the Barr Adderall is the workhorse out of the three generic Adderalls.

It works the fastest for me, it only takes between five to seven minutes upon swallowing for a noticeable effect.

It desolves the quickest in my mouth.

It's a great Adderall for getting me up in the morning. It helps me get out of bed or get out of the house. Turns on my motor like caffeine.

When I take it, I find it hard to switch between tasks because I would be so focused with the task at hand. I find it's best to take it at the beginning of a task I want to get done first.

This Adderall is great for menial and repetitive tasks for hours on end. For a task that requires critical thinking, it will last from 2 to 3 hours when taking the proper dosage that's right for you.

When I use the Barr brand, I believe I can do things I otherwise can't. I don't mean I believe I can lift up a car but I feel in a sense I can tackle the world.

Impulsiveness goes up dramatically when I take this Adderall without a task in mind. The impulsiveness makes me spend money liberally.

I have a heighten sense of self-esteem for the first hour and a half on Barr Adderall. During this period it is easier to socialize when I'm around people. The effect wears off faster if I'm eating or drinking, so it's doesn't work as well if I take it at a lunch meeting.

I lost the most weight on the Barr Adderall out of the three generics.

Barr Adderall has the most drastic change in performance from what I eat and drink.

This is absolutely the hardest Adderall to sleep on. I usually have to wait between 8 to 10 hours after taking it before I can get some decent sleep.

This is the only sweet tasting Adderall. Personally I found that the sweeter it taste on my sweet buds, the better Barr Adderall will work.

One of the easier generic Adderalls to find, many big name chains like CVS carries it.

When the Barr Adderall wears off, my heart starts beating faster. It takes about 20 minutes or so for heartbeat to return to normal. I usually take a nap at this point.