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How Corepharma Adderall Look LIke Corepharma Adderall

Corepharma Adderall Review

My least favorite Adderall. Online consensus of fellow Adderall users think the same, though there are some who claims it works the best for them.

This brand of generic Adderall has a very bitter taste that stays in your mouth for a long time.

Strangely, the 20mg Corepharma Adderall didn't work for me at all. It made me sleepy and groggy for the first 20 minutes and then nothing. Still made me thirst for water.

I find this Adderall at most Walgreens.

The 10mg pill kind of worked, but it only gave me a one hour window, if that. Does not last long at all.

Corepharma Adderall is the least expensive generic Adderall if you get it without health insurance.

The higher dose Corepharma Adderalls are easy to identify from their pink color.