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How Sandoz / EON Labs Adderall Look Like Sandoz Adderall

Sandoz Adderall Review

To many, Sandoz Adderall (aka Eon Labs Adderall), is considered to be the holy grail of generic Adderall because it works well on the most amount of people yet it's not too easy to find compare to the other brands.

I never tried the original Shire Adderall when Shire was still making it but supposedly it is the closest thing to the original according to many Adderall users.

It's not readily available like the other generic brands in big pharmaceutical chains.

I had to go to four small pharmacies before I found one that actually carried it. The first three couldn't or wouldn't order it for me since they already have the other brands in stock. I didn't bother asking the bigger chains though I read that some people had success at getting them to order it.

Sandoz Adderall is somewhat bitter tasting but not nearly as bitter as the Corepharma Adderall.

I feel a calmness reside over me when taking Sandoz Adderall. This calmness helps me go about my daily routine.

Sandoz adderall will give me the mental boost but it does not give me an energetic boost like Barr adderall, so I have to be well rested and have the physical energy already before taking it to do my tasks.

My music preferences changes when I am on Sandoz Adderall; I want the music I'm listening to be more somber and softer compare to the fast beat music I like when I'm on Barr.

Taking Sandoz is almost like taking an XR pill; I couldn't feel a crash when taking the proper dosage.

Taking the 30mg pill makes me lose track of time; the day seems to go by too fast. I believe 20mg works more effectively at my weight level of 160 lbs.

The company that produce this Adderall probably has the best quality control. The effects of the medication are always consistant in every batch of Sandoz Adderall I recieve.

Sandoz Adderall is the smoothest Adderall in my opinion, meaning there aren't a lot of hills and valleys when you're taking the proper amount.

Sandoz is the most expensive genertic Adderall brand if you get it without a health plan. This is probably why many places prefer to carry the other brands of Adderall instead.